Confessions of a Baby Snatcher/ Drug using Mamas.

The question about drug use is one which the OKDHS/Child Welfare has no hard and fast rules.

Here are some things a mama should know. They do test your blood. If you do test positive for illegal narcotics then they will test your baby’s blood to see if you new little bundle of joy has been exposed to your drug(s) of choice. 

The following case is where a DHS worker decided not to take the baby even though the mother and baby tested positive. for drugs.

The mother had tested positive for Benzos, Anti Depression Medicine and also Marijuana. The baby had weed in its blood stream.This would indicate that the mother smoked pot shortly before the baby was born.The worker decided to let the baby remain with the mother and that ended with tragic results. The baby weighed more at birth than 3 months later when it was found out the baby had lost weigh. The bottom line was both biological parents had concerns with drugs. The big controversy is that with the knowledge of drug use with mom and dad plus baby have drugs then it should of been no brainer the child and sibling should of been from removed from the house. SHerre Powell Spokes-Person for OKDHS did point out that each case involving is a separate dicision bu a;; workers involved. It is a hope that a child welfare worker can help the family including dad in drug detoxication and or treatment programs and once everyone is better we will reunite the family/

So if you take drugs will you lose your baby, look at two things, If the Child Welfare worker comes see you at the hospital and talks about how harmful you could be to your kid via your drug use then probably the worker will take your baby. Some of your luck may lie on how green your worker is contrast that with vetern workers who made of already make up their judgements and have papers in tow to take your baby to the shelter. There are certain medications that cause more rapid movement to take yoru kid. Moms if you have a lab test and that test shows you have a level of meth in your system , then you may want to prepare to say goodbye to your baby.

Oklahoma is taking a serious stand on certain drugs,mainly meth and pain killers and for good reason. In fact when a child welfare reports the mother had meth and or pain pills they will more likely send one of the workers housed at the Justice center. At the Justice Center you have policemen who pick up any criminal activity, a forensice revieweing, also you will find abuse and neglect doctors.

Some thing to know where as there are no strong set procedure there should be. I almost guaranttee if it is found out you are doing meth and or oxys then you will lose your baby.